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"Coconut Grove, Liberty City, Little Haiti" by France Luce Benson - Juggerknot Theatre

MARCH 2023 - MAY 2023 (Actress)

CHARACTER: Guerly, mid 20's Haitian-American educating youth about Little Haiti's (Miami) history.

"I AM ME" - Adrienne Arsht Center

NOVEMBER 2021 - PRESENT (Actress/Singer/Songwriter)

CHARACTER: IAMME (title character), an omnipresent matriarch that shape shifts into a water spirit, a Cuban mom, a Haitian mom, and a ballroom mom.

"F.Punk Junkies" written and directed by Teo Castellanos

AUGUST 2019 - PRESENT (Actress/Dancer)

CHARACTER: Legba, Esu and a inspired by other African deities that transform into a devil that visits famous blues musician, Robert Johnson, in the graveyard. 

"After 10 Years" by Andrew J Rodriguez & Francisco Cabrera

SEPTEMBER 2022 - OCTOBER 2022 (Actress)

CHARACTER: Therapist guiding bisexual male through self acceptance. Play was directed by Teo Castellanos and presented by ViiV Healthcare.

"Marguerite" by Neher Jacqueline Briceno - Conecta Miami Arts

October 2021 - PRESENT (Actress/Musician)

CHARACTER: Dark angel & musical narrator in English & French on guitar, cajon & voice in a play performed in Spanish. 

"Mermaid: Truth & Consequences (A Biodiversity Game Show)" by Elizabeth Doud (Siren Arts) & directed by Carlos Caballero (FundArte)

AUGUST 2021  (Actress/Singer)

CHARACTER: Dr.Dolores Del Mund, an environmental scientist and Mother Gaia.

"Shorts Cuts Tour" - City Theatre

DECEMBER 2015 - JANUARY 2016 (Actress)

CHARACTER: Multiple characters in (4) skits about bullying traveling to several Miami Dade County high schools.

NOVEMBER 2014 - JULY 2015 (Actress/Musician)

CHARACTER: Ayisyen musician migrating from Ayiti by boat and only narrating my story with singing, drumming and guitar.

"Writing In Sand" by Carlos Caballero (FundArte)


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